OCast: open source cast solution

OCast can help various profiles of multimedia services developers:

As a mobile apps editor, you enable your users to enjoy multimedia content (video, music, etc.) they can watch on large TV screens and control from your apps, via their handsets.

As a multiplay telco, you can boost your TV offers with your own receiver and app(s).

As a hardware manufacturer of TV sets, set-top-boxes, keys, dongles or gaming consoles, you can offer your software partners or internal business units a total control over multimedia cast.

Why should you prefer OCast?

OCast is a comprehensive solution, based on standard protocols:

• Totally free and open-source, with all SDKs published under the Apache 2.0 license,

• Clear and easy to integrate, with self-service documentation and sample codes.

Flexible, with html5 webapps on receiver side and SDKs for senders on iOS & Android,

Secure, as you can filter apps that can control the receiver,

Ready to try, with a receiver software emulator, published as NodeJS sources.

What does OCast do?

OCast lets mobile phone users control – via native sender apps – the multimedia webapps they watch on their TV sets – via hardware receiver dongles, sticks, set-top-boxes, consoles, etc.

OCast is not about mirroring screens but controlling the overall multimedia experience (including audio and video streaming) using the sender as a remote for the receiver, seamlessly and securely.

How does OCast work?

OCast takes care of all low-level communication mechanisms between senders and receivers, including the discovery (based on Dial standard), two-way communication (over websockets), security (white-list based filtering), etc.

OCast helps developers focus on high-level messaging integration in their apps

The sender mobile apps just need to integrate the relevant SDKs:

OCast-iOS SDK (Swift & Obj-C) for iOS devices

OCast-Java SDK for Android devices.

The hardware receiver just needs to run HTML 5 webapps on a server,
with OCast-JS SDK installed

The receiver emulator OCast-Receiver SDK can be installed on any Linux-based machine: Mac, PC or Raspberry PI 3 (model B).

Please find the detailed specs of the OCast protocol